Arilin’s Random Page of Scraps

This is random stuff, mostly flash fiction and maybe images, that I want to share and semi-preserve.

The Muse
A flash fiction about Arilin and her Muse, a scruffy coyote woman of indeterminate size.
A flash fiction that led to the dragon-coyote character Red Savina, which led to the screenplay, uh, Red Savina.
A tweeted-out scrap of a red panda giant trying to seduce the viewer down their throat.
The Shrinking Vignette
Arilin’s Muse “helps” the Rha with ideas for a quick shrinking story.

Saida and…

A silly series of flash fiction pieces about Saida, the Rha (feline giantess) who seems to find herself on the wrong end of the food chain a lot. These bits are all “Elseworlds” style stuff, and should be assumed to be non-canonical for both Saida and whoever she meets.

…a cute otter girl
When Saida’s at her 5′6″ size, an otter who’s closer to 25′ meets her while swimming…
…Red Savina
At giant size, Saida has the misfortune of meeting a dragon-coyote who’s much larger—and immediately has the Rha’s number.
…Miss Flint
Saida’s business predecessor seems to have had dealings with organized crime in the past, and an elegant, polite little mouse comes to have a chat with the Rha about debts.
…a red panda
A devastatingly sexy red panda has heard, you know, things about Saida, but says they won’t eat the Rha without permission. Will they seduce her down their throat?
…a giant alien rat
On her way to the airport, Saida’s tram is intercepted by a towering rat girl. (Specifically, Clover, the rat quasi-goddess created at the end of “The Great Game,” although she’s not mentioned by name in this story.)
…a wolf
An immense wolf woman visits Saida’s city for lunch. (This wolf may possibly be Sarah, the red wolf who appears in “Claiming the Moon.”)
…a pair of demon mouse girls
Through an unlikely magical mishap, Saida finds herself at the mercy of two giant mouse demons. At least they’re sexy. (As with so many things, this is kind of Ken Cougr’s fault.)
…Arilin’s Coyote Muse
Arilin has a strange coyote muse, seen elsewhere on this page. The muse gives Saida (or a Saida, somewhere?) a visit for Vore Day.
…the God Mouse
Saida meets the mouse from The Mouse Vignettes, who has a curious conversation with the cat. And (ahem) more.